The R&D advisory board is made of professors from profound agriculture Universities and the former head of R&D department in Upjohn Pharmaceuticals. We have been cooperating with other research centers and the animal science sector of government to develop innovative products.

The Research and Develop sector of Life Rainbow Biotech works closely with our sales and technical support team to provide the evidence of claims and to drive the functional enhancement of our products. 

Below is the short overview of the R&D tasks:

Monitor mycotoxin contamination in animal feed:

The R&D team collects more than 30 animal feed samples each month and measures the concentration of Aflatoxin, Zearalenone, DON, and Ochratoxin A. The yearly report of mycotoxin contamination is published around March.

Conduct research projects:

The R&D team organizes the research plans with Universities, and applies the new findings into our innovative products.

Conduct animal trials:

To ensure the benefits our products can bring to the customers, the R&D team regularly conducts animal trials with animal research centers and selected livestock farms.

Retest the claims of active material:

Routinely, the quantity and effectiveness of the claimed active materials are analyzed to provide stable products to our customers.

Answer technical questions:

We helped to solve problems in our customer’s farm or feedmill with our expertise and equipment. 

Complete Regulatory Affairs:

The lab is certificated with ISO 17025. The R&D team prepares the documents and follows the role to fully meet with the regulation.