The product line is designed to reduce the mortality rate from stress and virus diseases in farming activity.


Our Know-how:

CDNU09®: Beneficial elements extracted from solid state fermented Cordeceps. CDNU09® is composed of cordycepin nucleoside analogs and polysaccharides which are proven to disturb virus replication and stimulate immunity.  



Solid state fermentation: The condition of solid state fermentation were studied and set up by our R&D sector. The technology is protected under 3 patents. The advantage of solid state fermentation is that the entire beneficial secondary metabolism produced by cordeceps can be collected and provided to the animals.   

Cordeceps cultivation: Out of more than 10 different Cordycep species, we selected those which produce the most cordycepin nucleoside analogs. Also, the method to keep the mother generation of Cordycep is developed for production.





Reduce stress such as relocation, first time laying eggs, and temperature change.

Post-disease care for sows to improve mating and fallowing rate.

Provide immune protection against virus in the first 7 days after vaccination.

With the addition of digestive enzyme to increase nutrients utilization.

With the addition of probiotics to improve gastric health.

Water soluble, heat stable, easy-handle for all animals.

Recommended to add in feed as daily protection.

Recommended to dilute in water when the mortality rate increased.


Quality assured:

The production line is certificated with ISO 14001 and ISO 22000

The quantity of cordycepin nucleoside analogs is tested and guaranteed using HPLC method.

Data from several real farm trials are available upon requests.