The product line is designed to protect farmers from invisible economic losses because of mycotoxins pollution in feed.


Our Know-how:

TF301®: Mycotoxin degrading enzymes produced by gene modification and expression within microorganism. Thanks to the biotechnology, this is so far the most efficient way to detoxify the Zearalenone (F-2), Deoxynyvalenol (DON), and Ochratoxin A.





Toxi-Free Plus®

Provide complete protection against Mycotoxins.

Especially effective toward F-2 toxin.

With the addition of essential oil to enhance immunity.

Heat stable, easy handle, suitable for all animals.

Special design for the breeders and long-keeping animals like egg-layers.

Toxi-Free Plus is granted the US Patent (Patent No.: US 10,221,403B1)



Quality assured:

The production line is certificated with ISO 14001 and ISO 22000

The QA lab routinely checks the product effectiveness via in vitro analysis using HPLC method.

The detoxification effects are proven by published studies and reconfirmed by real farm trials.

The enzymatic activity is quantitatively guaranteed.