Life Rainbow Biotech is proud to announce new products: poultry nutritional additives in liquid form:

Gano-met ® and Min-trolyte ®.


Gano-met ® is an immune-enhancer drinking supplement for chickens, contains Ganoderma lucidum extract and liquid DL-methionine hydroxy analogue (MHA), which has positive effects on growth performance, carcass quality, egg production and quality.






Min-trolyte ® is an electrolyte with mint flavor for poultry, it functions as mineral and electrolyte involve in maintaining the balance of body fluid, and the function of muscle and nerve cells. It also can alleviate from heat stress and improve feed intake, growth performance, egg production and quality.



If you are interested in these two products, please feel free to contact our product manager Mr. Derek Shih ( for further information.