Themed as innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable approach, Branch 4th edition of Livestock Taiwan Expo & Forum will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1 on 5-7 Nov. 2020.


In this event, Life Rainbow Biotech will share the pyramid concept provides a strategy of antibiotics-free feed addictive which can resolve farm problems to promote animal performance. We have TF301 in the basement as Mycotoxin degrading enzymes; then, the middle is SFB33 for enhancing gut health; finally, as the top of pyramid, CDNU09 can interfere viral replication. Also, there are nutritional additives in liquid  form, for effectively improving the performances of poultry.

                                                                                Strategy of Antibiotics free Feed Additives


Due to COVID-19 outbreak, we will hold online exhibition for your safety and convenient. Before the start of the event, please register at smiley(←Click it)for getting hyperlink to our exhibition.

Event Date:11/5-7 8:00-20:00 (GMT+8)


We are looking forward to having you with us and let's share with you our innovative solution for livestock animals in natural way!      Please feel free to email us ( to make an appointment.